3-Day Course Subjects:
-      Layout, storage, and watertight compartments
-      Electronic navigation and interconnectivity
-      Convenience systems (A/C, washer, etc.)
-      Water Maker
-      Main Engine
-      Amel C Drive and propeller
-      Generator
-      Bow Thruster – Use and Maintenance
-      Fresh water system
-      Gray water and Black water systems
-      Sails and sailing techniques
-      Refrigeration
-      House Batteries and 24VDC system
-      Steering, rudder and Autopilot
-      Passage making techniques
-      Heads and plumbing
-      Spare parts management

Also included at no additional cost:
-   The Bill Rouse "Amel Book" - Included with your Amel School Course is a 400 page manual with hundreds of color photos and text. This manual covers every maintenance situation experienced by me while on BeBe, or indirectly through other Amel owners.

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View 3 of 400 pages from my Amel Book:
Sample 1:
 Brush Replacement for any brushed 24VDC electric motor
Sample 2: Changing the Onan Impeller
Sample 3: Cleaning the Gray Water Bilge

-   Personal 24/7 Support for 1 year. Included with your Amel School Course is 1 year of 24/7 support via email or phone. If you have a problem, I will help you solve it.
Pages from The Amel Book

Examples of Optional Subjects (Extra Days)
-Basic diesel course and basic maintenance of main engine and generator.
-Techniques for sailing, anchoring, and maneuvering in reverse with the bow thruster.
-In-depth training for A/C, refrigeration, gray, black & freshwater systems.
-Customized training for whatever you may need.

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