Amel School Course Subjects:
- Layout, storage, and watertight compartments
- Electronic navigation and interconnectivity
- Convenience systems (A/C, washer, etc.)
- Watermaker
- Main Engine
- Amel C Drive and propeller
- Generator
- Bow Thruster – Use and Maintenance
- Fresh water system
- Gray water and Black water systems
- Sails and sailing techniques
- Refrigeration
- House Batteries and 24VDC system
- Steering, rudder and Autopilot
- Passage making techniques
- Heads and plumbing
- Spare parts management

24/7 Support 
Amel Yachts are the safest and most comfortable yachts in their class to cross oceans and explore the world. Amel's components and systems are supplied by some of the best sources available. Amel's goal has always been to engineer the yacht including the components and systems in a logical, simple and straightforward manner. This makes maintaining an Amel a joy rather than a chore. Your neighbors at anchor will be sweating while repairing many failures while you and your sailing partner enjoy the surroundings and the sunset. However, any yacht completely equipped with the best systems can be a challenge to understand, maintain, and repair...especially in unfamiliar places. I believe having your personal consultant available to Support you 24/7 is, at least, comforting, and in some cases, "priceless." 

Support Available from Amel School
1 year of Support is included with the Amel School 3-Day Course
1-2 years of Support + Amel School Book is available to Amel-experienced owners.

Lifetime Support (as long as you own your Amel) Included in Lifetime Support is a new Amel School Book each time there is a major new printing of the book, and Transshipment of Parts purchased from US retailers such as Amazon via DHL to anywhere in the world, charging only for the cost of transport to you. 

PRICES of All Amel School Offerings & My Calendar

Amel School Vendor Discounts
When you purchase anything from Amel School, you become an Amel School Client for as long as you own your Amel, qualifying you for discounts on Amel OEM and quality OEM substitute systems, devices, and parts.

- A/C Climma Systems US - 10% - Parts 5% Discount
- AutoProp by Bruntons - Propellers and Parts 10% Discount
- Batteries Firefly US - 5% Discount
- Dessalator Systems and Parts 10% Discount

- Electronics, Energy, Batteries, Chargers, etc. - 15% Discount
- Exhaust Elbow, 316 Cast Stainless - 10% Discount
- Frigoboat Systems US 10% - Parts 5% Discount
- Insurance Discount - Coming Soon

- Marine Chandlery - 15% Discount  
- Membranes for Watermaker US - 10% Discount

- Metal Fabrication Arches, Swim Ladders, Parts  - 10% Discount
- Phone – US International Cellular Service Discount 
- Pumps - 20% Discount
- Raymarine Repair and Refurbish 10% Discount

- Rigging - Standing Rigging Martinique 15% Discount
- Rigging - Standing and Running Florida, Material Discount
- Rigging - ACMO, Amel's OEM Supplier - Materials Discount
- Sails - Large Discount plus an extra 5% Discount  
- Solar Arches  - Hardtop 54 - 10% Discount  
- Solar Panels, Solara US - 10% Discount

- Yacht Transport Worldwide - 5% Discount 
PRICES of All Amel School Offerings & My Calendar

Amel School Book
My 400 page "Amel School Book" is an operation and maintenance reference-guide for Amel Super Maramus and Amel 54's.  The Amel Book will guide you through the most common maintenance and repair procedures as well as operations procedures. Updates to the book are made frequently and are available to the Amel School Book holders on this website on the CLIENT ACCESS tab. The Amel School Book has recently been changed to a 3-ring binder book which allows additions and deletions as necessary.

View the Amel Book Contents Page
View 3 of 400 pages from my Amel Book:
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