3-Day Amel School Course
- Layout, storage, and watertight compartments
- Electronic navigation and interconnectivity
- Convenience systems (A/C, washer, etc.)
- Watermaker
- Main Engine
- Amel C Drive and propeller
- Generator
- Bow Thruster – Use and Maintenance
- Fresh water system
- Gray water and Black water systems
- Sails and sailing techniques
- Refrigeration
- House Batteries and 24VDC system
- Steering, rudder and Autopilot
- Passage making techniques
- Heads and plumbing
- Spare parts management
Extra Days and Special subjects are available 

Genoa Downwind Pole
Setting the Mizzen Ballooner (Secret Sail)

Training  includes setting all sails and all poles, as well as close-quarter maneuvering in reverse.

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