3-Day Amel School Course
The 3-Day Training Course is perfect for those people who are new to Amels. The course is taught aboard your Amel with as many members of the crew as desired. It is at least a 3-day course with some owners choosing to add extra days. Attendees of Amel School Course receive a printed and bound copy of the Amel Book (1 per boat) with weekly online updates and also receive free of additional charge 1 year of 24/7 Support and access to Amel School Discounts on OEM parts and equivalents. LifeTime 24/7 Support is available. The 3-day Course includes:
- Layout, storage, and watertight compartments
- Electronic navigation and interconnectivity
- Electrical systems AC & DC
- Convenience systems (A/C, washer, etc.)
- Watermaker
- Main Engine
- Amel C Drive and propeller
- Generator
- Bow Thruster – Use and Maintenance
- Fresh water system
- Gray water and Black water systems
- Sails and sailing techniques
- Rigging Running and Standing
- Amel Downwind Poles & Ballooners
- Windlass & Anchor Techniques
- Refrigeration
- House Batteries and 24VDC system
- Steering, rudder and Autopilot
- Passage making techniques
- Heads and plumbing
- Spare parts management
Extra Days and Special subjects are available 

T he 3-Day Course includes setting all sails and all poles, as well as close-quarter maneuvering in reverse.

Amel School FastTrack Course
Beginning 1 January 2019, Amel School is offering the Amel School FastTrack courseIf you have recently purchased your Amel,  I recommend the intensive 3-Day Amel School Course aboard your Amel. However, not everyone has the availability, time, and/or budget to take this course. Beginning Jan 1, 2019 I have something designed just for you. I call it the FastTrack Course. If you choose to not take the Amel School Course, the FastTrack Course is a pathway to gaining important operating and maintenance information. You also receive 1 year of 24/7 Support which will provide you answers to the situations you will find yourself in because of the lack of training. With the FastTrack Course, new owners of Amel Yachts will receive the 400 page Amel Book, 1 year of 24/7 Support, and substantial Discounts on Amel OEM parts and equivalents. 

Amel School is independent of Amel Yachts and is in no way connected or affiliated with Amel Yachts, headquartered in La Rochelle, France

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