The 3-day Course             $2,400USD Plus Travel Exp.
The 3-Day Course also includes:
- The Bill Rouse 400 page Amel Book and
- 1 year 24/7 Support
Plus your choice of one of the following:

- Pre-Purchase Consulting (up to 20 hours)                     
- 1 Extra Day (total 4 days instead of 3) 
The Course is aboard your Amel and for all of your crew
I will travel anywhere in the world

LifeTime 24/7 Support      $1,500USD
You can extend Support to Lifetime - for as long as you own your Amel
Offered only to Amel School attendees of the 3-4 day course at this price (see below)
Available to non-attendees of the 3-4 day course for $2,400USD,
including a copy the Bill Rouse 400 page Amel Book

Pre-Purchase Consulting   $500USD Limited to 20 hours
Pre-Purchase Consulting does not normally require travel expenses 
and is normally done via phone and Internet with exchange of photos. 
Pre-Purchase Consulting includes:
- "List of Specific Photos" to be taken 
- "List of Questions" to ask before and during the survey
- "Amel School Survey Checklist" to ensure a complete survey
- "Historical Search" to uncover additional information
- "Review and Report" on the advertised listing material & photos
- "Telephonic Review" of your photos of the proposed Amel
- AND I provide you with experienced answers to your many questions

Recently we added a welcome feature to being a client of Amel School. We leveraged our size to obtain purchase discounts on sails, rigging, pumps, and some critical engine parts. The discounts range from at least 5% up to 20%. A client recently saved thousands on new sails.
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