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My 400 page "Amel School Book" is an operation and maintenance reference-guide for Amel Super Maramus and Amel 54's.  The Amel Book will guide you through the most common maintenance and repair procedures, as well as, many operations procedures. Updates to the book are made frequently and are available to the Amel School Book holders on this website on the CLIENT ACCESS tab. The Amel School Book has recently been changed to a 3-ring binder book which allows additions and deletions as necessary.
5th Printing - Sept 2018

The Sept 2018 printing includes all of the pages added since May 2018 AND includes over 200 "Pearls of Wisdom" from Bill Rouse and other experienced Amel owners. It also includes several "Amel Factoid" pages. This new Amel School Book is being shipped to all Lifetime Support Clients. Lifetime 24/7 support is available to all clients who have completed the Amel School Course . It includes all of the new pages and many other pages which have been reformatted. The Sept 2018 book is also available for printing cost plus postage to clients that currently have an earlier printing of the book.

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Sample 3: Cleaning the Gray Water Bilge

The Amel Book is available 4 ways:
  1. No charge with the Amel School 3-Day Course
  2. No charge with the Experienced Owners Package - a Support Package for experienced Amel owners.
  3. No charge with the Amel School FastTrack for for those who have recently purchased an Amel. 
  4. An Updated New Amel School Replacement Book, assembled in a 3-ring binder, is available for the cost of printing and postage for Clients with previous editions of the Amel School Book. 

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5th Printing - Sept 2018

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