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Only use the Amel Book after thoroughly reading the Amel Owners and Users Manuals, as well as, the installed component manual from each manufacturer. The Amel Book assumes that you have taken every precaution recommended by Amel and the component manufacturer. Amel School assumes no liability regarding any contents of the Amel Book.

DO NOT PROCEED with anything represented in the Amel Book if you have not familiarized yourself thoroughly with all of the safety warnings which are published in the Amel User and Owner manuals, and published by each component manufacturer. If you have any doubts, call 832-380-4970 before proceeding

The following files are new since the original July 2017 Printing of The Amel Book. The order is DATE ADDED - FILENAME. Subsequent printings are noted on the following list.

These are available for any Amel School client to download and will be included in the next Printing of The Amel Book by Bill Rouse

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Date Added  File Name
2017-07-15 A/C breakers open when any A/C unit is turned ON
2017-07-15 Amel 54 Washer Removal
2017-07-15 C-Drive Service – Common Errors
2017-07-15 Calpeda AC Pump Shaft Seal Replacement
2017-07-15 Changing the Onan Impeller
2017-07-15 Charging Devices aboard an Amel
2017-07-15 Cleaning Onan MDKVA Heat Exchanger
2017-07-15 Cleaning the Transmission Oil Cooler
2017-07-17 How to Check a Capacitor
2017-07-17 Inspection of Forward Water Compartment pre-millennium SM
2017-07-17 Replacement of the 54 head water supply solenoid
2017-07-17 Running Cable Another Look at 54 solar wiring
2017-07-17 Shore Power - Generator control box
2017-07-17 VOLVO D3-110 Vetus Coupling DAMPER REPLACEMENT
2017-07-17 Volvo Penta Exploded View Seawater Pump - 7/17/17
2017-07-30 Solar Arch Running Cable to the Nav Station Amel 54(rev 2018-02-07)
2017-07-31 Outhaul Service
2017-08-07 Jabsco Quiet Flush Macerator Pump and Joker Valve Removal 
2017-08-10 Bamar Furler Belt Service
2017-08-10 Bamar 24VDC Motor Service for Sticky Brushes
2017-08-10 Lubricants and Oxidation Treatment in Marine Environments
2017-08-24 Checking the Amel Bonding System
2017-08-24 Generator-Shore Power Relay - Pre-Millennium
2017-08-24 Outhaul Line – Rigging a new line
2017-08-26 Racor Old Style Filter Housing and New Style Filters
2017-08-26 Cleaning the Gray Water Bilge - 8/26/17
2017-08-27 Replacing the Keel Bonding Strap in the Gray Water Sump - Revised
2017-09-05 Diesel Fuel in Remote Places
2017-09-05 Topping Lift Replacement
2017-09-09 Agua Signal light fixtures Replacing port and starboard
2017-09-09 Amel genoa furler evolution and explanation By Olivier
2017-09-05 Volvo D3 110 serpentine drive belt changes
2017-09-12 Climma Fan Capacitors
2017-09-12 Electronics Flowchart Amel 54
2017-09-12 Ordering Parts from Amel
2017-09-18 Battery Testing & Digital Tester

All above included in Amel Book Printing Sept 18, 2017

2017-09-27 Amel 54 Toilet Water Supply Solenoid
2017-09-27 Amel Super Maramu Convert Toilet to Freshwater Flush
2017-09-29 SM Bow Thruster Actuator and Control Box Issue
2017-10-02 Isotemp Basic Water Heater Exploded View
2017-10-04 Brush Replacement for any brushed 24VDC electric motor
2017-10-04 Accumulator Tank, Pressure Switch, & Short-Cycle Troubleshooting
2017-10-10 Automatic Dessalator Membrane Rinsing with Timer
2017-10-10 LED to Incandescence Bulb Equivalents
2017-10-24 Setting a Downwind Pole SM or SN
2017-10-24 Yanmar Start Stop issue and Valeo solenoid REVISED
2017-10-25 Amel 54 Bow Thruster (Exploded View)
2017-10-25 Amel 54 Bow Thruster Coupling by Amel
2017-11-15 Membrane Replacement Dessalator 160 liter (rev 2018-01-31)
2017-11-18 Conversion of B&G Sonic Speed to Airmar CS4500 Ultrasonic Speed
2018-01-12 Chain Counter Sensor
2018-01-12 SSB Grounding and Bonding (rev 2018-02-13)
2018-01-12 Weather Strip Replacement for SM
2018-01-12 Shore Power Cable SN, SM & 54 by Olivier Beaute
2018-01-12 Amel 54 Bow Thruster Lower Position Switch Failure (rev 2018-01-26)
2018-01-12 Amel 54 Bow Thruster Wiring
2018-01-12 Amel – All Models - 24VDC Plugs and Sockets
2018-01-17 Amel – Goiot Hatch and Port Gaskets
2018-01-17 Windlass - Runaway - Autonomously Functioning SM SN
2018-01-26 Emergency Outhaul - Amel All Models
2018-01-29 Outhaul Service (rev 2018-01-29)
2018-02-07 Anchor Chain SM
2018-02-07 Masts SM

All above included in Amel Book Printing February 10, 2018

2018-02-13 Xantrex Link 10 Battery Monitor
2018-02-16 Bow Thruster SM - Manual Operation with a Failed Actuator Motor
2018-02-18 Vetus Exhaust Systems SM and 54
2018-03-02 Amel 54 2 Year Service Items (rev 2018-03-20)
2018-03-10 Replacement of Gray Water Pump Toggle Switch (rev 2018-03-10)
2018-03-10 Battery Replacement SM and 54
2018-03-17 Sonic Speed Sensor Replacement
2018-03-17 Genoa Car Rail - Replacing the Plastic Plugs
2018-03-17 Onan Spares for 11kw 4 cyl
2018-03-17 Gray Water Bilge Pump Failure - Issues and Solutions
2018-03-18 Bow Thruster SM SN Sensor Location and PCB
2018-03-19 Amel 54 Spares Workbook
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