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Finding your Amel - Pre-purchase Consulting

       Unless you are very familiar with Amel Yachts, your search for the best used Amel at the right price can be a daunting experience. A "good" Amel owner will maintain his Amel in "original condition," replacing old items with the same high quality items that came with his Amel. I compare it to how owners of vintage Porsches and Mercedes treat their cars. Regrettably, not all Amel owners are "good," and that is not always obvious to the untrained eye. I have helped many people find their new-to-them Amel, and I have also saved a few clients from buying the "wrong" Amel. 

Although I am fully qualified, I choose NOT to be a yacht broker, nor a yacht surveyor. I am your consultant, independent, third-party, and non-conflicted. 

I will use my knowledge and experience to help you find the best Amel at the best price, within your budget.

Pre-Purchase Consulting includes:

- "List of 250 Specific Photos" to be taken by you
- "List of 300 Questions" to ask before and during the survey
- "Amel School Survey Checklist" of 30 things for the surveyor check that are usually neglected
- "Historical Search" to uncover additional information
- "Review and Report" on the advertised listing material & photos
- "Written Comments" of problems I notice in your photos of the proposed Amel
- "Optional Summary Estimate" of the cost to return the proposed Amel to Above Average Condition
- AND I provide you with experienced answers to your many questions

The hourly rate for this consulting is less per hour than untrained laborer wages because it is priced for you to get to know me. Almost all of pre-purchase consulting clients choose to take my Amel School 3-4 day training course.  The price of pre-purchase consulting can be found on the PRICES tab.

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