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I  offer Amel Specific Pre-Purchase Consulting because I understand the complexities of selecting the right Amel yacht and the issues in the purchase process. I have helped a number of people with their purchase of an Amel. I am neither a broker, nor a surveyor, but I am a non-conflicted knowledgeable consultant to future Amel owners. I have already saved my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in their selection, negotiation and purchase of their Amel.

Pre-Purchase Consulting does not require travel, or any other expenses
Pre-Purchase Consulting costs less than routine major engine service. See PRICES

Pre-Purchase Consulting includes:
- "List of Specific Photos" to be taken 
- "List of Questions" to ask the owner before the survey
- "Amel School Survey Checklist" to ensure a complete survey
- "Historical Search" to uncover additional information
- "Review and Report" on the advertised listing material & photos
- "Written Comments" on each of your photos of the proposed Amel
- AND I provide you with experienced answers to your many questions
- "Optional Summary Estimate" of the cost to return the proposed Amel to Above Average Condition

Example of 1 photo out of 275 for an Amel 54 Pre-Purchase Review:
Pre-Purchase Review of Amel 54 - Photo #37 of 275
Do you see the grease stain in the middle of the photo under the outhaul? I made a note to the buyer that the grease had likely leaked out of the outhaul gearbox and  check it closely.

In fact, the gearbox had no grease and the gears were worn so much that they did not last another week. Cost of replacing the gearbox was $800 paid for by the seller.

The line for the outhaul was out of the Line Tender on top of the gearbox. Everyone noticed that. What nobody else noticed was that the line needed replacing. Cost $275.

I will see small things like this grease stain that will generally not be noticed by a buyer or a surveyor. After my review my client bought this 54 for tens of thousands less than the asking price. The gearbox was one of many issues I found.

Recently we added a welcome feature to being a client of Amel School. We leveraged our size to obtain Purchase Discounts on sails, rigging, pumps, some critical engine parts, membranes and others. The discounts range from at least 5% up to 20%. A client recently saved thousands on new sails.


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