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Pre-Purchase Consulting is very important for new buyers of resale Amels. I understand the complexities of selecting the right Amel yacht and the issues in the purchase process. I have developed a system which combines my experience and the use of common technology to remotely perform an evaluation of the Amel you may want to buy. I review hundreds your photos (I give you a list of what to photograph), owner/broker's photos, and I ask the owner hundreds of experience-prepared and pointed questions. I also provide you with the "Amel School Survey Checklist" to give to your surveyor. This is a list of items that are commonly missed by many surveyors. The combination of this information gives me a unique perspective and allows me to provide you with a qualified summary of good things and deficiencies of the proposed purchase. 

With this information the buyer can make an informed decision and negotiate with accurate information on his side. I have helped a large number of people with their purchase of an Amel. I am neither a broker nor a surveyor, but I am a non-conflicted knowledgeable consultant to future Amel owners. I have already saved my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in their selection, negotiation and purchase of their Amel.

Pre-Purchase Consulting includes:
- "List of Specific Photos" to be taken 
- "List of Questions" to ask the owner before the survey
- "Amel School Survey Checklist" to ensure a complete survey
- "Historical Search" to uncover additional information
- "Review and Report" on the advertised listing material & photos
- "Written Comments" on each of your photos of the proposed Amel
- "Optional Summary Estimate" to return the proposed Amel to Above Average Condition
- Amel School Vendor Discounts on Amel OEM and quality OEM substitute systems and parts.
- AND I provide you with experienced answers to your many questions

If you are not sure if Pre-Purchase Consulting works for you, or if you have any questions regarding anything Amel, I offer free 1 hour consulting on any subject. Ask anything you may want to ask and get experienced answers. Text me at 1-832-380-4970 to set a time for your 1 hour phone call.

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Example of 1 photo out of 275 for an Amel 54 Pre-Purchase Review:
Pre-Purchase Review of Amel 54 - Photo #37 of 275
Do you see the grease stain in the middle-bottom of the photo under the outhaul line winch? Click the photo to enlarge. I made a note to the buyer that the grease had likely leaked out of the outhaul gearbox and to check it closely.

In fact, the gearbox had no grease and the gears were worn so much that they did not last another week. Cost of replacing the gearbox was $800 paid for by the seller.

The line for the outhaul was out of the Line Tender on top of the gearbox. Everyone noticed that. What nobody else noticed was that the line needed replacing. Cost $275.

I will see small things like this grease stain that will generally not be noticed by a buyer or a surveyor. After my review my client bought this 54 for tens of thousands less than the asking price. The gearbox was one of many issues I found.

More Pre-Purchase Review items missed by the owner's inspection and survey:
All of these photos indicate serious issues, some costing thousands of dollars to repair. They were all missed by the owner's inspection and the surveyor.
What do you see in the photo to the left? Click the photo to enlarge. You probably see some rust. The surveyor noted that the rust needed to be treated.

What I saw was evidence that the engine room had flooded. A flooded engine room can cause tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. Some of the damage isn't immediate and will occur after you close the sale. The seller had hidden the engine room flooding from the buyer and the surveyor didn't catch it.

Click on the photo at the left to see the rust inside the red circle. Also note the arrow. Everyone thought this accumulator tank needed replacing. Truth is not only the tank needed replacing, but the pump to the right of the accumulator tank needed replacing or rebuilding. The 12mm mechanical seal was leaking on the AC saltwater pump. The spacer/shield on the pump axle was slinging saltwater onto the accumulator tank in an undetectable very light spray.

Cracked and leaking exhaust hose

Low C-Drive oil

 Dangerous knot
In-boom bungee was incorrectly rigged outside the boom

C-Drive seals were sealed with spray-on foam. This is very, very wrong!

The surveyor did not comment on this, nor did he ask any questions. 

PRICES of All Amel School Offerings & My Calendar

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